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A must-visit destination

Lonely Planet has rated Uganda the world’s must-visit destination. Those already familiar with Uganda will no doubt concur with the wisdom of this rating, while those who have not yet been to the ‘Pearl of Africa’ may well be persuaded by the Lonely Planet’s description.

Diverse landscape

With 10 very different parks from which to choose, Uganda presents a truly varied destination – one that keeps visitors coming back time after time.

The tourist trail

Dominated by the evocative-sounding Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This 330 sq km park is now a Unesco World Heritage site but, more importantly, it is home to roughly half of the world's population of mountain gorillas.

Flora and fauna

Uganda does have ‘traditional’ open savanna parks with elephants, giraffes and big cats. More than that, however, it also has smaller wildlife areas inhabited byhighly diverse, and sometimes endemic, species of flora and fauna; enjoying highly varied climates and at different altitudes.

Huge diversity

Uganda has 10 national parks. But it’s the sheer variety of these parks that sets Uganda apart from other destinations across East Africa.

shutterstock 57079936KAMPALA
Better-than-ever choice in booming capital 

shutterstock 87627253ENTEBBE
Former capital is a quiet and delightful venue

shutterstock 69784636JINJA
New lease of life for elegant lakeside town

shutterstock 96948929WESTERN
Gorillas provide ultimate draw in region

Welcome to Uganda

Uganda has witnessed a vast expansion of its hotel sector and this growth continues.

Lonely Planet has rated Uganda the world’s top must-see destination for 2012. I am sure this assessment is correct and we are working hard to live up to this star billing. We have some of Africa’s best and most varied wildlife parks and certain strengths in terms of our attractions and activities – especially our range of primates, our incredible bird species and the continued popularity of adrenalin sports.


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Uganda Tourism Board